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Top 8 WCQ Bordeaux True Draco Maximilien Delval + ydk YGOpro


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Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter x1
Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior x3
Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster x3
Card of Demise x3
Pot of Desires x2
Terraforming x2
[100100048] x3
Strike of the Monarchs x2
True Draco Heritage x3
Disciples of the True Dracophoenix x3
Dragonic Diagram x3
Waterfall of Dragon Souls x2
True King’s Return x1
The Monarchs Erupt x3
Gozen Match x3
True Draco Apocalypse x3
Imperial Order x1
Skill Drain x1

The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode x2
Inspector Boarder x3
Shared Ride x3
Infinite Impermanence x3
There Can Be Only One x3
Solemn Judgment x1